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The Education Media Design + Technology Master of Arts program combines the latest in digital technology with essential principles of storytelling and art, inspiring students in the application of creative teaching methodologies and instructional design.

The Education Media Design + Technology Master of Arts program aims to advance the creative educators of today into the instructive visionaries and educational designers of tomorrow. Students explore learning theories, curricular and instructional strategies, instructional media design, and the application of new and emerging technologies to engage today’s learners and to optimize learning effectiveness for their students.

As a student in the Online EMDT program, you’ll be designing technology enhanced teaching strategies, developing intriguing and effective instructional media tools, and analyzing educational and technological trends to incorporate into your digital portfolio and put into practice when you graduate.

Earn your Master's Degree in Education Media Design and Technology (EMDT)

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Digital Storytelling

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Learning Theories

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Instructional Media Design

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Game Strategies

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Ubiquitous Learning

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Branding for Educators




To teach the teacher requires educators with a passion for sharing knowledge and transforming lives through higher learning. You’ll be learning from faculty with that same passion who also have a history of success working in the world of media design and technology.

Upon completion of the Education Media Design + Technology degree, students have the ability to conceptualize, analyze, design, develop, and evaluate educational content and instructional design technologies that adhere to best practices in teaching and learning.

A RMCAD EMDT degree gives you more options to explore as an educator. Graduates can choose to pursue a variety of careers, such as Curriculum Designer, Media Specialist, Designer of Training Materials, Technology Instructor, and more.