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As a graphic design student at RMCAD, you’ll learn to communicate complex ideas to fit the needs of our ever-changing world. And by putting theory into practice, you’ll develop a design expression that is totally unique. The graphic design program at RMCAD focuses on human-centered design, setting itself apart from others and ensuring that you graduate with a quality portfolio.

You’ll complete well-rounded, challenging, and relevant coursework that teaches students to approach design with impactful communication and user experience in mind.


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The Graphic Design program at RMCAD goes beyond typical design studies. Here, students delve deeper, learning to identify, analyze, and solve problems, all while exploring a humanistic approach to visual composition.

With such a highly specialized background, graduates are equipped to launch their career in a variety of design fields, including advertising, publishing, product design, web design, and more.

Learn Illustrative Design at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


Push Your Creativity To New Boundaries
The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustrative Design provides students with a hybrid degree combining curriculum from both Graphic Design and Illustration. What is Illustrative Design? It is design that requires an illustrative approach in order to solve a design problem, whether it be a character design, icon design, event graphic, etc.

RMCAD’s Illustrative Design Online Program, will help provide you with a solid foundation in more areas than one. From technical and aesthetic to critical and practical skills, you’ll have the tools you need to flourish in your chosen career.

“Design can really be used as a catalyst for positive change.”