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The field of animation merges the arts of acting, design, illustration, sculpture, and filmmaking with today’s technology. To be successful, animators must understand how to use technical tools and professional production techniques to create strong narratives. That’s why RMCAD’s curriculum is focused on creating compelling content to tell stories. Whether you’re using hand-drawn, computer, stop-motion, or experimental animation, you’ll be focused on storytelling through your craft. Whether you choose to pursue 2D or 3D animation, you’ll graduate with a portfolio reel that will set you apart by showcasing your unique artistic voice, a strong visual style, and the ability to communicate through animation.

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program highlights

tablet icon Drawing (2D) or advanced software (3D) concentrations
tablet icon Stop-motion
tablet icon Anatomy and figure studies
tablet icon Modeling
tablet icon Character design
tablet icon Virtual environments


An animation degree from RMCAD prepares graduates to be independent, creative leaders in the industry, equipping them with highly technical drawing skills and an aptitude for developing animation that has purpose, direction, and imaginative storylines. Our alumni have gone on to work with cutting-edge companies such as Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Lola VFX, and Industrial Light and Magic, to name just a few.
“I’ve met some really amazing peers, really outstanding faculty, and I’m really happy to be here.”